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Who we are?

Renamed 3DCeram in 2010, the company was created in 2001 by the CTTC to implement the solutions resulting from his research in producing technical ceramic components on demand.

The company was bought by Richard Gaignon and Christophe Chaput late 2009, with the support of  the investment company set up by Jean Mérienne and late Michel Rasse, founders and former presidents of the Ceric group. Both of them were sensitive to the industrial project of a French high-tech company.

Our job: help you to explore new fields of application for advanced ceramics.

3DCeram brings together a combination of expert skills that is unparalleled in the fields of materials and processes dedicated to the rapid forming of complex-architecture ceramic objects.

The company capitalizes on the many possibilities offered by laser stereolithography applied to ceramics, a proprietary technology. 3DCeram developed a full range of services to support you in your technologically challenging projects, from the selection of the type of ceramic, specifications definition (expression of needs), R&D and the fine tuning of the part, through to industrial series production.

This technology significantly reduces the development time of a product: its responds are particularly well suited to companies that need prototypes or production runs with short lead times.

Our offer:

With 10 years of experience and getting strong support from a team of experts, 3DCeram puts in your service turnkey solutions:

  • 3DMIX : material and formulation expert service in order to help you make the best possible use of the unique properties of technical ceramics,
  • FCP : on-demand production service that meets even the most complex specifications.

From the conception to the realization, 3DCeram accompanies you in all the stages of your project.

3DCeram  is ISO-certified 9001 (version 2000) and ISO 13485 (version 2004), to guarantee your requirements in quality.

Our areas of application:

3DCeram technology opens new fields of applications for advanced ceramics. Our customers in the manufacturing, biomedical and luxury goods sectors value the solutions and the quality of the services proposed by our company. The Safran Group, Air Liquide, Zeiss, Barco, and Lampe Berger are just some of the customers that trust our company.

  • Luxury : watches, jewellery and luxury goods…
  • Biomedical : made-to-measure or small series of bone substitutes (intervertebral cages and tibial osteotomy wedges) and cranial or jawbone implants.
  • Industry : chemistry, telecommunications, electronics and aerospace industries, as well as research laboratories,  manufacturers of video projection equipment …

3DCeram can study all the domains of application of the technical ceramics.

Why to choose 3DCeram?

  • You look for an expertise in technical ceramic
  • You wish to develop your projects over short time.
  • You would like to get to all the techniques of ceramic manufacturing.
  • You want to discover the rapid prototyping applied to ceramic and to test the FCP technology (Fast Ceramic Production)
  • Your need a competent and reactive partner, from research to production.