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A unique technology

Laser stereolithography applied to ceramics 

3DCeram uses a unique technology which allows the manufacturing of ceramic components directly from a file CAD, without breaking the digital design chain at any point. 

Uupstream work on the laser stereolithography conducted by Thierry Chartier, Director of the SPCTS laboratory (Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments) in Limoges, as well as works conducted by CTTC decisively contributed to the development of ceramic rapid prototyping technology that 3DCeram has transformed  in production technology. 

This technology can be used to produce components in successive layers with a laser that polymerizes a paste made of photosensitive resin and ceramic. The parts are then heat treated (debinding then sintering) in order to eliminate the resin and densify the ceramic to 100%. The resulting ceramic parts are in the proper material, directly usable for the final applications. They have the same properties as parts made by pressing or injection. The manufacturing lead times are short and enable to test a ceramic solution at a lower cost.  

This unique process is used by 3DCeram for rapid prototyping service (CERAMPILOT offer) and on demand production (FCP offer). It allows realizing parts from the simplest geometries to the most complex ones in a very short time. 

Various formulations were developed to answer the main applications of ceramic alumina, zirconia, hydroxyapatite…). 3DCeram also supports you to developped new formulations according to specifications.