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Production of custom implants made of hydroxyapatite (phosphocalcic ceramic)

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Since 2001, 3DCeram develops in cooperation with the CTTC, a unique technology of custom bioceramic cranial implants by rapid prototyping, using the file 3D obtained directly from the patient’s scanner. This technique allows the shaping of durable biocompatible implants, adapted to the morphology of the patient and in conformity with the surgeon’s request, thus eliminating the need of a graft. It also helps to reduce the time of operation and hospitalization of the patient.

Here are the stages of the stereolithography process developed by 3DCeram, the FCP® (Fast Ceramic Production) :

1st stage : obtaining a three-dimensional digital model of the osseous defect to rebuild starting from the data of the preoperative scanner of the patient and instructions of the surgeon (step 1, 2 and 3).

2nd stage : the fabrication of the implant by successive layers according to a process of stereolithography FCP® starting from a mixture of polymer and hydroxyapatite powders (step 4, 5 and 6).