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Industry and electronics

3DCeram is the privileged partner of major industrial groups, world-famous players of chemistry, telecommunications, electronics and aerospace industries, among others, as well as research laboratories, manufacturers of video projection equipment …

Materials: the exceptional properties of ceramics

Ceramics, according to their category, have a wide variety of interesting mechanical, magnetic, thermal, chemical and electrical properties, all remarkable. These properties translate into high strength, high dimensional stability (low coefficient of thermal expansion), low density, high resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and exceptional chemical stability. These qualities, combined with incomparable

insulating properties (thermal and electric) allow you to use ceramic components for applications subjected to high stress, in harsh environments.

3DCeram guides you from very early stage of your project and help you choose the type of ceramic that best meets your specifications.

A prototype that you can submit to the same constraints as the final part.

Because material properties are not the only constraints faced by industry and electronics market players, 3DCeram offers an exclusive rapid prototyping service. By doing away with the need to create a mold, the process can be used to produce just about any shape, even complex, developed by your R&D department.

With CERAMPILOT rapid prototyping service the quality of your prototype is close to that of the final object. It gives you the possibility to quickly validate your concept and technical options in field conditions while being sure that 3DCeram will be able to produce the part you developed.