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Watches, jewelry and luxury items

Renowned luxury Houses, watch makers and jewelers or more widely luxury market players, are just some of the customers that trust 3DCeram.

Design: express your creative talent!

3DCeram proposes CERAMPILOT, a service that combines the advantages of ceramics and the benefits of rapid prototyping. By doing away with the need to create a mold, the process can be used to produce just about any shape, even complex.

A designer can free his creativity. He can imagine, create and see the fruit of his imagination laid before him in a very short time thanks to CERAMPILOT rapid prototyping service. The prototype is made of a quality that is the same as the final object. This service gives a huge advantage in terms of responsiveness to the design department of a luxury Houses.

Materials: explore the potential of ceramic.

Ceramic is unalterable, hypoallergenic and provides silk touch aspect. It is more robust than most of the surface treatments currently on the market. These qualities, its similarity with onyx or mother of pearl, depending on selected mass coloration, or a polished / mirror finish, also quickly attracted interest from renowned jewelers and watchmakers.

3DCeram helps you to choose the right type of ceramic for your project, according to its technical properties and the range of available colors.

Ceramic parts produced using FCP possess all the specific properties of ceramic, but without the usual production constraints (no minimum quantity thresholds).