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Luxury: a production technology well suited to unique parts and short limited series.

FCP technology is well suited to very high-quality production: from the CAD file to the final object, every step is seamlessly covered without breaking the digital chain. This technology can be used to produce unique parts or to series-produce several unique parts, without any minimum quantity thresholds. By way of example, rings of different sizes can be made in a single production run. 3DCeram proposes tailor-made finishes to meet your specifications.

FCP is well suited to very high-quality production and most demanding specifications. 3DCeram is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

Simplified production process :

  • 1 – Creation: sketch of the piece you want to make
  • 2 – Creation of CAD file and exportation as STL file format.
  • 3 – Slicing of the part, performed by software (set all layers to perform and calculates the trajectory of the laser), and production layer by layer; the laser polymerizes a paste made of photosensitive resin and ceramic.
  • 4 – Debinding and sintering, thermal treatment that removes the resin and densifies the ceramic to 100%.
  • 5 – Finishes