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Make the best possible use of the unique properties of technical ceramics

3DMIX is material and formulation expert service. Because the technical ceramic is our profession, our engineers determine the ceramic processes adapted to your need, according to the characteristics to be obtained.

The qualities of ceramic are well known: high strength, high dimensional stability (low coefficient of thermal expansion), low density, high resistance to abrasion and corrosion, exceptional chemical stability… In order to help you grasp the best of it, 3DCeram advises you on the selection of a ceramic that meets your specifications and guides you through the choice and development of new formulations and new colours.

You could be looking for means of production, new colors for your ceramic, or simply the realization of prototypes, 3DCeram has the solution.

Definition of technical ceramic

The ceramic materials are neither organic, nor metallic.

They are generally formatted at ambient temperature and obtain their specific properties during a process “of sintering”, i.e. the consolidation of material obtained at high temperature.

Therefore, technical ceramics are the items made through this process and generally designated for the particularly demanding industrial fields.

Thanks to their distinctive properties (stainless, insulating, and resistant to heat and wear), technical ceramics are used in several types of applications.

The choice of ceramic material constituting the item to be produced, is governed by the constraints the object in question will be subjected to.

Thus, a certain number of materials are already available, with the following characteristics:

Alumina: Al2O3, basic material being useful in many applications for technical ceramics, good mechanical behavior in the high temperatures, the good thermal conductivity, the big electric resistivity, the great hardness, the good wear resistance, the chemical slowness.

To download the properties and applications in pdf.

Zirconia: ZrO2, material with the very good mechanical properties cold, being able to be colored for applications in jewelry, excellent mechanical properties in the high temperatures, the weak thermal conductivity at room temperature, conductor in T> 1000°C, great hardness, good wear resistance, good chemical slowness, good resistance in the attacks of metals.

To download the properties and applications in pdf.

Hydroxyapatite/TCP: HAP, material used in the biomedical one for the manufacture of the osseous substitutes, chemical composition close to bone.