CeramPilot devient 3DCeram pour refléter le nombre croissant de solutions qu’elle offre à ses clients.

 14 July 2010

8 June 2010. Founded in 2001 in Limoges, in the heart of the European Ceramic expertise centre, CeramPilot changes its name to 3DCeram to reflect its new development project.

The company brings together a unique expertise in the field of materials and processes dedicated to fast shaping and production of ceramic components with complex architecture. 3DCeram expands its service range to adapt to the market evolution and meet the changing needs of its customers: in addition to providing rapid prototyping service for ceramic parts, the company now offers dedicated solutions to help customers to select and adapt the right ceramic materials, and “make to order” production solutions that meet demanding specifications and tight deadlines. The company capitalizes on the many possibilities offered by FCP®, a proprietary technology based on stereolithography applied to ceramics. This technology allows removal of technical barriers that limited the achievement of some components and help to explore new fields of application for advanced ceramics.