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3DCeram showcases its solution at Hannover 2017 !


April. 2017

3DCeram showcases its solution at Hannover 2017 !

3DCeram exhibits at the Hannover 2017 fair, from the 24th to the 28th of April 2017. Very oriented towards the digital factory, this fair is essential for the European industry players.

It is the place to come to discover the CERAMAKER printers and the equipment of the additive manufacturing line proposed by 3DCeram, 3DMix ceramic pastes and, of course, our service of production on demand.

Please, come and meet us at Hall 6, stand B16. 

 CERAMAKER additive production line

CERAMAKER 3D printers are operated daily in 3DCeram’s on-demand production facility and have become a reference in the 3D printing market. Thanks to the turnkey additive manufacturing line offered by the company, customer are able to develop in house 3D printing of ceramics.

  • CERMAKER 100 and CERAMAKER 900:
    • Variable capacities with adaptable working surface size (900)
    • Open settings to suit your needs
    • Resolution of 30 μm over the whole surface, high precision, no pixelization
  • Pre-process and post process equipment (cleaning, kilns…)
  • Dedicated services: engineering (installation of printer or complete line), operator training, hotline for maintenance.

3DCeram engineering department will support you throughout your project. Get in touch with us!

 Ceramic pastes for CERAMAKER printers 

Today 3DCeram offers 3 ready-to-use ceramics, suitable for CERMAKER printers : alumina, zirconia and HAP.

The company also offers on-demand formulation service that allows customers to customize their own ceramics to CERAMAKER printers.

This formulation service also includes the definition of printing, debinding and sintering parameters according to your application.


Tél : +33 (0)5 55 04 10 90 – Fax : +33 (0)5 55 38 11 45

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La région Nouvelle Aquitaine soutien 3DCERAM 

3DCeram to be present at Hannover messe, the leading global market place for industrial technologies


Limoges (France), 11 April 2017 – 3Dceram will be present at the Hannover Messe in Germany, the world’s largest industry forum, to be held from 24 to 28 April 2017 under the theme of “Integrated Industry – Integrated Energy”.
As the leading global marketplace for industrial technologies, Hannover Messe will cover a broad thematic spectrum of the emerging integrated industrial era: research and development, industrial automation and information technology, innovative subcontracting, energy and environmental services.
This year, Hannover Messe will emphasise the salon’s new trends: Industry 4.0, integrated energy, energy efficiency and robotics.
On this occasion, 3Dceram will present, at the stand which it shares with Ceramic Application and the main actors of technical ceramics, its unique technological know-how in the field of 3D ceramic printing and its use in the industrial, health and luxury sectors

3DCeram and the SPCTS (UMR CNRS/Universite Limoges) are renewing their partnership and will continue their technological research for the future of 3D ceramic printing.

Limoges (Nouvelle Aquitaine, 8 March 2017) – 3Dceram and the SPCTS (UMR CNRS/Université de Limoges) have signed a new 3 year collaboration agreement that will allow them to jointly tackle issues relating to additive manufacturing and to plan for the future of 3D ceramic printing. This agreement will see the continuation of a partnership that was first launched in 2010 with the laboratory for the Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatment (SPCTS).
This cooperation agreement underscores the strong ties between 3DCeram and the SPCTS that were initially forged by Thierry Chartier, CNRS Research supervisor. These collaborative projects come to fruition with the development of innovative materials and processes as well as the filing of shared patents. It should be noted that the SPCTS and 3DCeram are both members of the European H2020 “Friendship” project, organised by the SPCTS (Fabrice Rossignol).
This new dynamic will make it possible to carry out work on projects involving 3D Ceramic processes, with the aim of sustaining and sharing the SPCTS’s unique expertise and industrialising printing and additive manufacturing processes based on laser stereolithography, while supporting a booming market.
The upstream work on laser stereolithography undertaken by Thierry Chartier, CNRS Research Supervisor at the laboratory for the Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatment (SPCTS) in Limoges, has made a significant contribution to the development of ceramic additive manufacturing technology that 3DCeram has been able to transform into production technology (an on demand production service). This innovative process makes it possible to quickly develop geometric shapes, ranging from the simplest to the most complex.
A range of different formulations have already been developed in order to meet the main uses of ceramics (alumina, zirconia, hydroxylapatite, etc.). To this we can add made-to-measure formulations, depending on the design brief.

3DCeram develops partnership with Shenzhen Sunshine Laser Industry

Shenzhen Sunshine Laser Industry is a leading Chinese listed company (Shenzhen) specializing in precision laser technologies. It operates a fleet of several thousand machines distributed across multiple production sites. The company has purchased a 3D CERAMAKER printer to equip its main R & D center, which also offers a 3D printing on demand service. The Chinese leader wants to broaden its offer by offering a wider choice of materials.

3DCeram accelere son developpement et etend ses activites en Asie avec l’ouverture d’une filiale en Chine

Limoges, le 11 octobre 2016 – 3DCeram annonce l’ouverture d’une filiale en Chine, à Wuhan . A travers cette filiale, 3DCeram poursuit ainsi sa conquête du marché asiatique. Leer la continuación…

3DCeram showcases its techonology at Micronora

3DCeram participe au salon Micronora.

Ce salon dédié aux technologies de pointe est organisé à Besançon du 27 au 30 septembre. Il constitue un événement incontournable pour les industriels de la filière microtechnique, à la recherche des meilleures technologies de précision ou d’hyper-précision et de miniaturisation.

Venez rencontrer l’équipe 3DCeram, B2 – allée 3/318.

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Micronora : 3DCeram présente de nouvelles innovations.

Nouvelle gamme 3DMIX de suspensions céramique pour l’impression 3D, production à la demande de pièces et choix d’imprimantes 3D innovantes : 3Dceram apporte de nouvelles solutions pour la production par impression 3D de pièces de haute qualité.

Fidèle à l’esprit des « makers », 3DCeram s’attache à diffuser le plus largement possible l’impression 3D dédiée à la céramique. La société commercialise une toute nouvelle gamme de suspensions céramique adaptées à une sélection d’imprimantes 3D de bureaux développées par des partenaires. Ces suspensions permettent de nettoyer les pièces plus rapidement, d’optimiser la filtration de la suspension non polymérisé et de réduire la consommation.

Cette offre permet aux clients d’apprendre à concevoir des pièces rapidement par impression 3D.

Les supensions complètent la gamme 3DMIX composée de pâte dédiées à l’imprimante CERAMAKER et d’un service de formulation à la demande.

Micronora sera aussi l’occasion de présenter de nouvelles pièces produites par le service de production à la demande proposé par 3DCeram. Venez apprécier la qualité incomparable de ces pièces produites pour l’industrie, le luxe ou le biomédical.

3DCeram showcases its techonology at Micronora

Dedicated to advanced technologies this event is organized in Besançon (France) from September 27 to 30. It is a must for key players of the microtechnology industry, whose common denominators are high precision and miniaturization.

Come and meet the 3DCeram’s team , B2 – Allee 3/318.

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3Micronora 2016: 3DCeram brings new innovative solutions.

3DMIX new range of ceramic slurries dedicated to 3D printing, on-demand production of parts and new range of innovative 3D printers: 3DCeram brings new solutions for the production of high-quality parts by 3D printing.

In the spirit of “makers” 3DCeram shares it expertise in 3D printing dedicated to ceramics. The company markets a new range of ceramic suspensions adapted to a selection of desktop 3D printers developed by partners. These slurries make the cleaning of the green part faster and consumption of ceramic suspension lower; it also enables an easier filtering of uncured suspension.

This offer enables customers to learn how to produce parts quickly by 3D printing.

The slurries complement the 3DMIX range composed of ceramic paste dedicated to CERAMAKER printer and formulation service.

Micronora is also an opportunity to present new parts produced by the on-demand production service offered by 3DCeram. Experience the incomparable quality of the parts produced for the industry, luxury or biomedical markets…


Tél : +33 (0)5 55 04 10 90 – Fax : +33 (0)5 55 38 11 45

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de la région Limousin.

EPHJ 2016: 3DCeram’s new offer makes ceramic 3D printing more accessible!


At EPHJ, from 14 to 17 June in Geneva, watches makers and jewelers will discover the new offer developed by 3DCeram to help them explore the possibilities of ceramics: a new range of ceramic slurries suitable for “desktop printers”.

In addition to its on-demand production service, on which 3DCeram has built its reputation, the company develops solutions that enable clients to appropriate the ceramic more easily. 3DCeram has added ceramic slurries to its range of 3DMix pastes.These slurries are compatible with a more accessible range of “desktop” 3D printers, selected by the company and developed by partners.

  • - easier processing,
  • - faster cleaning of the green parts,
  • - reduced ceramics consumption during printing,
  • - easier recycling of non-polymerized material.

This solution, particularly suited to the development of new products, allows users to test ceramics 3D printing independently.

3DCeram also proposes a training program, a hotline and assistance service to enable customers to learn how to design parts, to quickly understand the principles of ceramics 3D printing and to produce their first parts.
This solution complete Ceramaker offer, a 3D printer dedicated to the semi-industrial production of high quality parts that it associated with 3DMix pastes.
Customers who prefer to entrust their production to 3DCeram still benefit from the on-demand production service which has already attracted a number of well-known jewelers and watches makers.
Please come and visit us stand G105!

April: 3DCeram showcases its new solutions at Ceramics Expo and Hannover Messe

3DCeram participates in Ceramic Expo exhibition from April 26 to 28, in Cleveland, Ohio and in Hannover Messe 2016 from April 25 to 29, in Hannover, Germany. At these shows, visitors will discover new ceramics slurries developed by 3DCeram and new development to get the best of volume production with the Ceramaker 3D printer. The company pioneered the 4.0 industry years ago and it is now glad to support customers for the next step.

Please come and visit us at Ceramics Expo (stand # 534) and at Hannover Messe on the stand of TASK, the network of technical ceramics professionals (Treffpunkt Keramik/Ceramic Applications Hall 6, stand B16).

3DMiX Ceramics slurries and desktop printers to explore ceramic potential

3D printing allows to test new concepts and pushes the limits of production. To open the technology to a larger number of professionals, 3DCeram completed its 3DMix ceramic paste range with new ceramic slurries that fit a range of approved desktop 3D printers developed by partners. This solution enables customers to produce the first parts quickly.

3DMix slurries make the cleaning of the green part faster and consumption of ceramic suspension lower; it also enables an easier filtering of uncured suspension. Liquid alumina formulation is available right now, other ceramics will follow soon.

The combination of accessible printers and ceramic slurries allows customers to learn how to design parts quickly and understand the principles of 3D printing dedicated to ceramics. 3DCeram also offers training, a hotline and a new service to help customers optimize their parts (weight gain, improved mechanical strength, etc.).

Ceramaker ceramics 3D printer for series production of high quality parts

The Ceramaker printers are used by the company to offer on-request production service for high quality parts. Thanks to the expansive working surface (300 mm x 300 mm), it can produce parts up to 20 cm (8 inches) in length with a very high density as well as a high resolution (30 microns regardless of the size of the work surface of the printers. This service is particularly suited to the production of single parts or volume production and yields the same material properties as those obtained by conventional methods (machining, injection …). The company has developed a proprietary technology, called Link Free Support, for the production of printing support. It allows the production of parts without leaving any surface remnant. The biomedical market was the first to adopt 3DCeram’s technology for the production of ceramic implants in 2005. Since then, many customers in the luxury market or in various industrial fields (aerospace, automotive, etc trust 3DCeram for the production of their parts or use the Ceramaker printer for their in house production.

3DCeram participates in Ceramitec 2015

October 13, 2015. 3DCeram participates in Ceramitec 2015 exhibition from October 20 to 23, in Munich, Germany. The company will present its expertise in 3D printing on the stand of TASK, the network of technical ceramics professionals. Leer la continuación…

EUROMOLD 2015: new developments by 3DCeram

16 September 2015 – 3DCeram part in Euromold from 22 to 25 September in Dusseldorf in Germany. This year, the fair will host the international conference on 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing organized in partnership with SME and Wohlers Associates, two leaders in the field of additive manufacturing.

3DCeram is going to present the latest innovations introduced to Ceramaker, the 3D printer dedicated to ceramics that the company has developed by leveraging over 10 years of experience and a daily use of the machine. Based on laser technology, it now includes new developments to simplify the loading of the ceramic paste and paste feeding of the manufacturing area. Their optimization significantly reduces ceramic paste consumption and improves production quality.

Ceramic pastes are the key to high quality manufacturing. The company focuses its R & D on developing new ceramic formulations and meet new needs (new colors, formulations in phases, new materials …). Besides developing new colors that are very successful on the market already, 3DCeram has developed a new formulation allowing production of large parts (over 20 cm) respecting the high quality standards that meet the most demanding specifications.

Come to meet 3DCeram team and discover examples of printed parts Hall 16 Stand A91.Richard

>> Internal conference en additive manufacturing and 3D printing

Rchard Gaignon is a key note speaker at the conference: come to learn more on “Broadening the use of Technical Ceramics” on September 25 at 12:00.  Leer la continuación…

EPHJ-EPMT 2015 : We are all Makers!

May 2015. 3DCeram participates in EPHJ EPMT fair from 2 to 5 June 2015 in Geneva. This major event is a unique opportunity to discover the solutions offered by the company. Leer la continuación…

3DCeram is introducing CERAMAKER 3D printer at CERAMIC EXPO 2015

3DCeram is exhibiting at CERAMIC EXPO 2015, from 28 to 30 April 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. This event, organized in partnership with the American Ceramic Society, is dedicated to ceramic materials and ceramics processing technologies. Leer la continuación…

3DCERAM showcases its techonology and introduces its innovative 3D printer at Micronora

3DCERAM exhibits at the 20th edition of Micronora fair from 23 to 26 September in Besançon (France). Key players of the microtechnology industry, whose common denominators are high precision and miniaturization, appreciate this major event.

3DCERAM invites you to discover its complete range of solutions and its unique 3D printing technology (laser stereolithography) dedicated to ceramic parts manufacturing. No mold, cost reduced implementation, very short development and production time, extreme precision: it opens up multiple application fields for ceramics: bio-medical, aerospace, telecommunications, luxury industry…

This year the company will introduce its new CERAMAKER printer and its related services: 3DCERAM has developed a unique expertise based on over 10 years of experience in the field of ceramic 3D printing and over 20 years in the field of ceramic materials. Because the company wants to share it, this experience has enabled it to offer its customers:

  • 3DMIX, help in choosing the type of ceramic and formulations of ceramic pastes that are tailored to their needs,
  • FCP on demand production service based on 3D printing and otherclassical technologies
  • CERAMAKER, ceramic 3D printers developed on the basis of 3DCERAM expertise in ceramic materials and processes and dedicated support

Request your free entry badge and come to visit us stand B2 (aisle 3 / 307).


PHJ: 3DCeram is sharing its expertise and offers CERAMAKER, an innovative ceramic 3D printer

June 6 . 3DCeram will showcase its innovations at EPHJ –EPMT show in Geneva from 17 to 20 June 2014. This annual appointment marks a key moment in the watchmaking and jewelry industry. Leer la continuación…

3DCeram shares its expertise in powder and ceramic pastes and proposes 3Dmix offer to manufacturers of 3D printing machines

Limoges. 12 February 2014. For more than ten years now, 3DCeram has been developing a unique expertise in the field of 3D printing production dedicated to ceramics (Ceramic Additive Manufacturing). Today, the company shares its expertise in powder and ceramic pastes by proposing its 3Dmix offer to manufacturers of 3D printing machines: a genuine consulting service associated to formulation and sale of ready to use pastes. Leer la continuación…

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