3DCeram-Sinto will be presenting one of its latest release in an innovative way at Formnext!

 6 novembre 2018

All the professionals from the additive manufacturing industry and the next generation of intelligent industrial prodution gathered in one place at Formnext from 13-16 november 2018 in Frankfurt.

3DCeram-Sinto will be presenting one of its latest release in an innovative way… don’t miss it out !

Come discover the new CERAMAKER 900!

CERAMAKER printers are well suited to the production of unique functional parts or small production runs of parts with the same properties as those made using conventional processes (machining, injection, etc.).

Now, it’s possible to leverage the exceptionnal capabilities of CERAMAKER printers using a new automated line.

Come discover the new intregated and automated production line on our booth in a fully immersive way!



Hybrid 3D printer

3DCeram-Sinto now markets a new generation of hybrid 3D printers. These printers, that combine multiple technologies of 3D printing, enable the production of functionnal pieces made of different types of ceramics or a combination of ceramic and metal (semiconductor materials for example).


Ceramic pastes 3DMIX : Silicon Nitride, ATZ, Silica…

3DCeram Sinto developped new pastes for CERAMAKER printers. Si3N4, SiO2, and Zirconia 8Y enable the exploration of new opportunities by ensuring the best performances.


Thanks to the on-demand service you will be able to test your own ceramic : formulation support, definition of printing and sintering parameters…

Come discover all these products and more at formnext 2018 on our Booth 3.0 C-19.