April: 3DCeram showcases its new solutions at Ceramics Expo and Hannover Messe

 24 avril 2016

3DCeram participates in Ceramic Expo exhibition from April 26 to 28, in Cleveland, Ohio and in Hannover Messe 2016 from April 25 to 29, in Hannover, Germany. At these shows, visitors will discover new ceramics slurries developed by 3DCeram and new development to get the best of volume production with the Ceramaker 3D printer. The company pioneered the 4.0 industry years ago and it is now glad to support customers for the next step.

Please come and visit us at Ceramics Expo (stand # 534) and at Hannover Messe on the stand of TASK, the network of technical ceramics professionals (Treffpunkt Keramik/Ceramic Applications Hall 6, stand B16).

3DMiX Ceramics slurries and desktop printers to explore ceramic potential

3D printing allows to test new concepts and pushes the limits of production.  To open the technology to a larger number of professionals, 3DCeram completed its 3DMix ceramic paste range with new ceramic slurries that fit a range of approved desktop 3D printers developed by partners. This solution enables customers to produce the first parts quickly.

3DMix slurries make the cleaning of the green part faster and consumption of ceramic suspension lower; it also enables an easier filtering of uncured suspension. Liquid alumina formulation is available right now, other ceramics will follow soon.

The combination of accessible printers and ceramic slurries allows customers to learn how to design parts quickly and understand the principles of 3D printing dedicated to ceramics. 3DCeram also offers training, a hotline and a new service to help customers optimize their parts (weight gain, improved mechanical strength, etc.).

Ceramaker ceramics 3D printer for series production of high quality parts

The Ceramaker printers are used by the company to offer on-request production service for high quality parts. Thanks to the expansive working surface (300 mm x 300 mm), it can produce parts up to 20 cm (8 inches)  in length with a very high density as well as a high resolution (30 microns regardless of the size of the work surface of the printers. This service is particularly suited to the production of single parts or volume production and yields the same material properties as those obtained by conventional methods (machining, injection …). The company has developed a proprietary technology, called Link Free Support, for the production of printing support. It allows the production of parts without leaving any surface remnant. The biomedical market was the first to adopt 3DCeram’s technology for the production of ceramic implants in 2005. Since then, many customers in the luxury market or in various industrial fields (aerospace, automotive, etc trust 3DCeram for the production of their parts or use the Ceramaker printer for their in house production.