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3DCeram Sinto in 2021, review of the year.

Mar 16, 21

We take the road of the digitalisation !

"3DCERAM Sinto, founded in 2001 by Christophe Chaput and Richard Gaignon, is a process provider (machine, mix and services) in three areas of application for ceramic Additive Manufacturing (AM): industry (e.g. defense, automotive, investment casting/foundry cores), aerospace and aeronautics (e.g. mirrors), and biomedical (e.g. eye implants, cranial implants, etc.). Since end of 2017, the Japanese company Sinto is the main shareholder and then 3DCERAM took a new dimension and increased its growth, growth in terms of geography (The market coverage ranges from Europe, the Americas to India, Asia and Russia.) and growth in terms of printing solutions comprises basic versions dedicated to prototyping and R&D up to printers for industrial mass production. Richard Gaignon (RG), CEO and co-founder, explained the progress the company has made in spite of COVID-19...." This article reviews 3DCeram in 2021

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