Solutions for the additive manufacturing of ceramic parts

3DCERAM benefits from unique know-how and develops cutting-edge solutions for 3D printing of ceramic parts:

  • CERAMAKER 3D printing lines and associated services,
  • Ready-to-use 3DMIX ceramic pastes for CERAMAKER 3D printers and on-demand formulation,
  • On-demand production of parts.

3DCERAM brings together an unrivaled range of expertise in the field of equipment, materials and processes dedicated to the additive manufacturing of ceramic parts.

Based on the laser stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing process, 3DCERAM has developed a complete range of solutions to support its customers on technologically challenging projects.

The company offers customized solutions for customers who wish to produce their ceramic parts by their own (CERAMAKER 3D printing line including printer, cleaning cabin, kilns, etc.

As a true engineering company, 3DCERAM helps its customers define their production needs, delivers a turnkey 3D production line and offers them a range of services to support them in the production of the first parts.

For customers who want to make 3DCERAM produce their parts, the company helps them choose the type of ceramic to be used and supports them drawing up the specifications and developping the part from R & D to its production.