C900 Flex at Oak Ridge National Laboratory!

This year, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF), located in Knoxville, TN, wanted to expand their capabilities in ceramics additive manufacturing, for making oxides and nitrides for surrogate fuels and leading edges. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (MDF) is a part of the United States Department of Energy National Laboratories and Technology Centers, a system of facilities and laboratories overseen by the United States Department of Energy for the purpose of advancing science and technology to fulfill the DOE mission. Learn more about Oak Ridge National Laboratory MDF here.

After much research, Oak Ridge was excited to partner with 3DCeram Sinto Inc. and purchased the C900 3D printer. This was Oak Ridge’s first time purchasing equipment from 3DCeram Sinto.  When asked why they went with 3DCeram Sinto, Corson Cramer, PhD of Oak Ridge, stated, “3DCeram had the most innovative technology with paste and laser from the top. We were excited about the accuracy and resolution the machine provided as well as the size. Before learning about the C900, we were having issues with the size of our parts. With the C900, we are able to work with larger parts".

Features of the C900:

3DCeram with the Oak Ridge team after installation

October, 2020, 3DCeram Sinto USA was able to install this machine. Since running the C900-Flex, Oak Ridge National Laboratory has seen many benefits of this machine compared to other machines or methods such as: ease of loading pastes, ease of extracting build plate and the high quality of parts.

Oak Ridge has future goals of expanding their facility with more equipment for a small lab scale printer and a larger scaled printer for bigger size parts. They also are looking to dedicate a 3D printer to their fuels program.

3DCeram Sinto USA is looking forward to seeing how Oak Ridge expands their additive manufacturing with 3D printing on the C900-Flex and the team is thankful for their confidence in 3DCeram’s equipment and team.