On demand manufacturing by 3D printing.

3DCERAM leverages an exclusive 3D printing technology and offers an on-demand production service.

  • Properties identical to those produced using traditional technologies
  • Suitable for complex shapes
  • Shorter development time
  • Without mold
  • Production of single or small parts
  • OptiCeram: topological optimization service

CERAMAKER printers are used by 3DCERAM to offer an on-demand production service for high-quality parts since 2005. Due to the large size of the CERAMAKER printer’s working surface (300 mm x 300 mm) and to their high resolution, parts with length up to 20 cm can be produced with a very high density.

Without breaking the digital chain, directly from your CAD file, the production-on-demand service is particularly suited to the mold-less production of small quantities of functional parts which have the same properties as those produced by processes (Machining, injection, etc.).

The company has developed a proprietary technology for manufacturing of 3D printing supports, Support Link Free technology, which allows production of parts without leaving support marks, for better quality.

The biomedical market was the first to retain this technology for the production of ceramic implants since 2005. Since then, many players in the luxury industry or in general industry (aerospace, automotive, etc.) rely on 3DCeram for the production of their parts.

The ceramic productions realized 3D printing meet the most demanding specifications.


OptiCeram, service optimization of ceramic parts.

Developed in partnership with Ose, this service optimizes the performance, cost and development time of parts for industrial applications (especially aerospace) by integrating the possibilities offered by the 3D printing very upstream of the project and acting on the whole value chain: choice of ceramics, co-engineering, design, calculation / optimization, manufacture by 3D printing and control. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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