OPTICERAM, a global offer to help you succeed in your ceramic project

OptiCeram is an offer co-developed by OSE and 3DCERAM that consists of a series of services covering the entire life cycle of the ceramic product. This upstream support gets many advantages:

Reduced risk of project failure

  • Detect earlier capabilities of the 3D ceramic printing process
  • Consideration of product cost and series production cost
  • Start the project with a co-engineering phase

Product performance control

  • Numerical justification of design by finite elements calculation
  • Optimization of the ceramic product
  • Cost and lead time managment

Optimization of development time

  • Reduce design/manufacturing iterations
  • Decrease Time to Test
  • Reduce the overall cost of the project

Innovation in ceramic products

OptiCeram brings a set of tools to design innovative products. For this purpose, we propose to implement the most advanced optimization tools (topological optimization) as well as means of calculation of mechanical and thermal structure.