3DCERAM offer the C900 Hybrid in order to print a second, or more, material at the same time.

Advantages of this hybrid system are multiple:
• The deposit of the second material can be adjusted according to your needs and specifications.
• Inside the system, several type of dispenser systems are possible up to 3 systems : from needle valve to micro dispensing system.
• Hybrid functions integrated in CPS software (one software to control printer and hybrid)

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Technical Data

Approx. Dimensions

1060 x 2250 x 2040 mm (LxPxH)

Build platform size

300 x 300 x 100 mm

Approx. Weight

1450 kg

Electrical requirements

220-240 VAC / 50Hz

Electric power

2 kW

Light source

UV Laser

Laser spot diameter

~ 35 μm

UV Wavelength

355 nm

Layer thickness

0.010 – 0.125 mm

Optimal room temperature


Maximum room temperature variation


Relative humidity


Compressed air

6 bars dry

Hybrid option


Printing Without Supports

Top-down stereolithography enables technology that can print without supports. The tray moves down as the part itself is built from the bottom-up. 3DCeram is able produce consistent parts with high precision and fine details.

The feeding of the printing material is done by a printing material is fed into a cartridge which is simply filled at the beginning of the printing cycle. It is possible to re-fill the cartridge during the printing cycle.


  • 3DCeram ceramics are developed for use with the C900 Hybrid printer.

    Indeed, their technical characteristics promote a regular feeding of the printer and allow to obtain homogeneous layers for a maximum quality of the products. They guarantee a level of quality recognized by the most demanding industries.

  • 3Dceram offers a catalogue of ceramics developed for specific needs

    - Alumina Toughened Zirconia (ATZ)
    -Zirconia 8Y
    -Phosphate tricalcique (TCP)
    -Fused Silica
    -Hydroxyapatite (HAP)
    -Silicon Nitride (Si3n4)
    -Aluminium Nitride (AlN)

Our Services


maintenance, phone support, mechanical & laser assistance


We support you throughout the process and train you to meet your needs from prototyping in laboratories or research centers to mass production of small parts. We offer training to master stripping supports and the free link supports.
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