The aerospace industry is constantly seeking to optimize the performance of its equipment (satellites, measurement tools, optical instrumentation, etc.) by exploiting the properties of ceramics and imposing new challenges with a high performance/cost compromise. In this context, the products need to push technical boundaries and reduce development times.
Additive manufacturing is walking its path into the aerospace sector. An area in which the need for optimized optical instruments is getting acute in order to reduce their mass.
Ceramic materials are very resistant and exceptional physicochemical properties (corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, etc.). Ceramic products suffer too often from the limit of traditional means of manufacturing, limiting their uses to massive parts and little stressed.
The latest, the C3600-Ultimate 3D printer opens up very interesting opportunities with its 600x600x300 (LxWxH) building platform, the largest in 3D printing ceramics’ market. For satellite mirrors the primary goal is weight reduction 3D ceramic printing can optimized the design and it is possible only in additive manufacturing…

To answer the need of aerospace market 3DCeram has a special offer called 3D-AIM.
3D-AIM is customized support for aerospace companies that are willing to switch to additive manufacturing for their future projects.

It’s a flexible approach which can be adapted to different project phases. The project can start from a blank page to end in the production of parts, or can only target modifications to existing ceramic parts.

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