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3DMIX offers technical ceramics adapted to 3D printing on Ceramaker range of machines.

A catalogue of Oxide and Non-Oxide ceramics with high performance qualities, meeting the needs of the most demanding industrial applications.

3DCeram develops new ceramic formulations on demand, leveraging several years of R&D in the field of 3D printing for ceramics

Our Services


We support our customers with services of maintenance in offers adapted to each printer of our range.


We offer trainings for 3D printing to accompany you in mastering the 3D printing process on Ceramaker machines to lead your projects to success.


3DCeram provides tools to integrate 3D printing solutions into you projects for manufacting in-house ceramic parts.


Dongguan University of Technology and Ceramic Additive Manufacturing

The 3D Printing and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center of Dongguan University of Technology (DUT) is a scientific research and achievement transformation institution specializing in "3D printing, intelligent manufacturing and its application" led by Lu Bingheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. In 2019, the institute cooperated with France's 3DCERAM to launch research in the fields of personalized medical devices, technical ceramic additive manufacturing and so on. Researchers operate 3DCeram's C900 […]

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A new story with a spanish reseller being written 🔴🔵

At 3DCeram, we think it's very important to share our expertise and to create new partnership, with that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Sicnova, a spanish reseller based in Andalusia (spain) ! Sicnova is already implanted in the 3D printing field (more particularly in metal and polymer 3D printing), so if you are interested by 3D printing of technical ceramics and if you are […]

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3DCeram Sinto in 2021, review of the year.

"3DCERAM Sinto, founded in 2001 by Christophe Chaput and Richard Gaignon, is a process provider (machine, mix and services) in three areas of application for ceramic Additive Manufacturing (AM): industry (e.g. defense, automotive, investment casting/foundry cores), aerospace and aeronautics (e.g. mirrors), and biomedical (e.g. eye implants, cranial implants, etc.). Since end of 2017, the Japanese company Sinto is the main shareholder and then 3DCERAM took a new dimension and increased […]

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