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3DMIX offers technical ceramics adapted to 3D printing on Ceramaker range of machines.

A catalogue of Oxide and Non-Oxide ceramics with high performance qualities, meeting the needs of the most demanding industrial applications.

3DCeram develops new ceramic formulations on demand, leveraging several years of R&D in the field of 3D printing for ceramics

Our Services
We support our customers with services of maintenance in offers adapted to each printer of our range.
We offer trainings for 3D printing to accompany you in mastering the 3D printing process on Ceramaker machines to lead your projects to success.


3DCeram provides tools to integrate 3D printing solutions into you projects for manufacting in-house ceramic parts.
3D Printing of Large Ceramic Parts for Space and Semiconductors Industries

Thank you to Ceramics Applications for reporting on 3D Printing of Large Ceramic Parts for Space and Semiconductors Industries. Find out how 3D printing can add value to the semiconductor and aerospace market! This article is well documented to answer questions that market players may have..... You can read the article for free

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Investment casting and 3D Printing by Ceramic Application

Thanks to Ceramic applications for reporting about the work done by 3DCeram on the foundry cores for investment casting ! 🤝    Find out about how 3D printing can bring added value to investment casting!    This article is well documented to answer questions that investment casting players may have….   You can read for free the article here

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When scientific research focused on additive manufacturing for ceramics

A serious amount of scientific research have been published on additive manufacturing for ceramics with 3DCeram SLA technology. As we know 3D printing offers so many opportunities for developments. It has became a flourishing field for research topics. Our purpose here is to give you the opportunity to read scientifics articles regarding 3d printing, stereolithography, technical ceramics and all kind of applications. Building parts with an optimized design allows more […]

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