Exclusive Webinar: Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Multi-Material 3D Printing in Electronics

Vincent Auclair will invite Vincent Pateloup, Assistant Lecture at IRCER, to share his testimony on: "The next challenge in additive manufacturing is multi-material 3D printing."

On October 10th, we invite you to be a part of this webinar that explores the promising advances which can be made using multi-material 3D printing, particularly in the electronics sector.

Richard Gaignon Honored for Technical Excellence at EICF Conference

On the 8th of May, the 30th International Conference & Exhibition of the European Investment Casters' Federation (EICF) brought together industry experts, professionals, and enthusiasts. Among the attendees was Richard Gaignon, whose contributions were recognized and celebrated by the EICF.

3DCeram Welcomes 3DCeram Sinto USA Collaborators

We had the pleasure of welcoming two collaborators from 3DCeram Sinto USA.
Over the course of two weeks, they underwent a complete training on every aspect of the C101 EASY Fab and the C1000 FLEXMATIC, ranging from complete installation and commissioning to maintenance. They also got to learn about the M.A.T. (Multi Additive Technology).

5th Annual Days of the GDR TAMARYS

The 5th Annual TAMARYS GDR Days took place in the city of Nancy, France đź“Ť. This event was organized by LETMA and the Jean Lamour Institute (IJL). Participants had the opportunity to attend conferences on various scientific topics, institutional presentations, and thematic workshops. Eric Louradour, delivered a lecture on the topic of "Architectured Parts Manufacturing by 3D Printing." Attendees had the chance to learn about lattices and other gyroids that […]

Some News from Space:ThrustMe and 3DCeram Revolutionizing the Aerospace Industry

PRESS RELEASE JUNE 2023 3DCeram as supplier for ThrustMe Revolutionary Space Propulsion System 3DCeram has been selected as one of the suppliers of ThrustMe, a leading New Space company with remarkable achievements in space propulsion. In 2020, ThrustMe successfully made the world’s first demonstration of an iodine-fueled electric propulsion system in space. Today delivering to major satellite constellations, ThrustMe has a new production facility with the capability to produce 365 […]

3DCeram: The Berlin-based subsidiary

3DCeram, a leading French company in the field of technical ceramics, has recently opened its subsidiary in Berlin, Germany. The Berlin-based subsidiary is led by Siddharth Tiwari, who played a crucial role in the development of the company's latest machine, the M.A.T. The establishment of the Berlin subsidiary is a significant step towards the company's expansion in the German market. Germany is an essential market for technical ceramics, and the […]

The Much Anticipated ECERS Event is Coming!

This year marks the 18th Conference of the European Ceramic Society. The event will take place in Lyon, from the 2nd till the 6th of July 2023. 3DCeram is thrilled to have been chosen to participate once more at this much awaited event, gathering ceramics specialists from all horizons. Getting to meet with colleagues from all over the world as well as sharing our work and know-how with people from […]

Interview of Doctor JOËL BRIE – Head of Maxillo-Facial Surgery Service at Limoges Hospital

Q: Can you tell us the background that led you to consider 3D printing as a possible solution for skull implants? Joel Brie answer: I do very specific craniofacial skeletal reconstruction, with specific shapes. We had a lot of trouble reconstructing the shape perfectly. 3D printing allowed us to access custom parts and so when Christophe Chaput (3DCeram CEO) came to present us the project, it was a very strong […]

Dental implants, when zirconia shaped by 3D printing proves itself against titanium

A scientific study conducted by several universities in Japan and Thailand confirms the relevance of using 3D printed zirconia material when it comes to dental implant. In this study, the goal is to compare the surface morphology and texture of zirconia and alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ) in comparison with titanium shaped by additive manufacturing. Their conclusion comes like that: "the cell viability, ALP activity, and gene expression of type I collagenon […]

3D Printing of Large Ceramic Parts for Space and Semiconductors Industries

Thank you to Ceramics Applications for reporting on 3D Printing of Large Ceramic Parts for Space and Semiconductors Industries. Find out how 3D printing can add value to the semiconductor and aerospace market! This article is well documented to answer questions that market players may have..... You can read the article for free

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