The Much Anticipated ECERS Event is Coming!

This year marks the 18th Conference of the European Ceramic Society. The event will take place in Lyon, from the 2nd till the 6th of July 2023. 3DCeram is thrilled to have been chosen to participate once more at this much awaited event, gathering ceramics specialists from all horizons. Getting to meet with colleagues from all over the world as well as sharing our work and know-how with people from […]

Interview of Doctor JOËL BRIE – Head of Maxillo-Facial Surgery Service at Limoges Hospital

Q: Can you tell us the background that led you to consider 3D printing as a possible solution for skull implants? Joel Brie answer: I do very specific craniofacial skeletal reconstruction, with specific shapes. We had a lot of trouble reconstructing the shape perfectly. 3D printing allowed us to access custom parts and so when Christophe Chaput (3DCeram CEO) came to present us the project, it was a very strong […]

Dental implants, when zirconia shaped by 3D printing proves itself against titanium

A scientific study conducted by several universities in Japan and Thailand confirms the relevance of using 3D printed zirconia material when it comes to dental implant. In this study, the goal is to compare the surface morphology and texture of zirconia and alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ) in comparison with titanium shaped by additive manufacturing. Their conclusion comes like that: "the cell viability, ALP activity, and gene expression of type I collagenon […]

3D Printing of Large Ceramic Parts for Space and Semiconductors Industries

Thank you to Ceramics Applications for reporting on 3D Printing of Large Ceramic Parts for Space and Semiconductors Industries. Find out how 3D printing can add value to the semiconductor and aerospace market! This article is well documented to answer questions that market players may have..... You can read the article for free

Investment casting and 3D Printing by Ceramic Application

Thanks to Ceramic applications for reporting about the work done by 3DCeram on the foundry cores for investment casting ! 🤝    Find out about how 3D printing can bring added value to investment casting!    This article is well documented to answer questions that investment casting players may have….   You can read for free the article here

When scientific research focused on additive manufacturing for ceramics

A serious amount of scientific research have been published on additive manufacturing for ceramics with 3DCeram SLA technology. As we know 3D printing offers so many opportunities for developments. It has became a flourishing field for research topics. Our purpose here is to give you the opportunity to read scientifics articles regarding 3d printing, stereolithography, technical ceramics and all kind of applications. Building parts with an optimized design allows more […]

3DCeram: Spotlight at Formnext 2023, Europe's Premier 3D Printing Event

It's been so long since we met at Formnext! 3DCeram, will be at Formnext (Hall 12.0 Booth C18) in Frankfurt from the 16th to the 19th of November.  Europe's leading 3D printing event, Formnext, is reopening its doors after almost two years due to the pandemic.Meanwhile, if you've been following us on social media, you'll know that we've been working hard to continue our developments and better serve your ceramic 3D printing […]

Bone implants, How to design and create a complex-shaped ceramic part with 3D printing?

This study realized by the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology explain how bone implants was designed and created using the Stereolithography technology on a Ceramaker 900 by 3DCeram. This study demonstrates the wide range of printing possibilities of our technology particularly in the biomedical field, thank's to the accuracy, the printing speed of our printers and our slurry ! Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing, and Materials (CDMM) have developed […]

Mass customization, move toward with additive manufacturing

3D Ceram has been working for over 15 years to develop 3D printing of technical ceramics with stereolithography shortened in SLA to meet mass customization for industrial needs. The advantages of 3D printing for ceramic materials are equivalent to those for metal or polymers. Namely building parts with optimized design for more efficient applications, as it has been a hundred time demonstrated in aeronautics field, where a printed part allows […]

3D Printing partnerships to develop additive manufacturing for ceramics

At 3DCeram we believe that 3D printing partnerships and collaborations are the key success so, with that in mind, we are extended our collaborations with different kind of partners: Let's start to review our partners ! INCAST The Investment Casting Institute is a non-profit manufacturer’s trade association, whose primary mission is to promote the investment casting process and members, as well as collecting and disseminating information about the industry and […]

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