5th Annual Days of the GDR TAMARYS

Jul 03, 23

The 5th Annual TAMARYS GDR Days took place in the city of Nancy, France đź“Ť. This event was organized by LETMA and the Jean Lamour Institute (IJL).

Participants had the opportunity to attend conferences on various scientific topics, institutional presentations, and thematic workshops.

Eric Louradour, delivered a lecture on the topic of "Architectured Parts Manufacturing by 3D Printing." Attendees had the chance to learn about lattices and other gyroids that address critical challenges in heat transfer. He also talked about the SiC and its properties, which have aroused interest from experts in various fields due to its high temperature capability, high thermal conductivity, and much more. 🔍

We would like to thank everyone present for their interest.

Crédit : Photo Post LinkedIn Benoit Rousseau

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