What about 3D printing technical ceramics for the 2020’s

"We are firmly convinced 3D printing will evolve to become a fully-fledged production tool able to take up the challenge of mass customization in opposition to traditional mass production” assure Richard Gaignon and Christophe Chaput, CEO of 3DCeram. The objective today is to strengthen 3DCeram’s position as a lead engineering company in additive manufacturing for high technology markets with high growth potential. 3D Ceram has been working for over 15 […]

FORMNEXT 2019 : 3D ceramic printing : 3DCeram Sinto opens the industrial stage

600x600x300 mm, these are the dimensions of the building platform of the C3600 Ultimate, the new 3D printer from the French company 3DCeram Sinto, based in Limoges.It allows mass production or to print big parts, like a satellite mirror. The 4 lasers which equipped the printer make the challenge possible and ensure a printing time compatible with industrial needs. 3DCeram printers use stereolithography printing technology for the quality of finishing […]

Back to the adventure made in France of 3DCeram

15 years in 3D printing of technical ceramics, an article to read…

An eventful year

Many new features in 2019, as 3DCeram launches two new printers. All is detailed in the interview with Richard Gaignon (CEO) on the highlights and developments of 3DCeram…

SAM improve the 3D Printer C900 FLEX

SAM is an extrusion system, consisting of a nozzle and cartridge, set on the C900 blade. The paste cartridge has a capacity of 200 ml. The dispensing system is very flexible and allows the use of a fairly liquid paste. You will start a production with only 100 ml! Thus, this option optimizes the prototyping possibility with the C900 by using the right amount of paste. In fact, paste is […]

Accelerating AM Adoption with Singapore’s first and only Ceramic-focused 3D Printing Service Bureau

 22 octobre 2018 22 October 2018. Back in November 2016, the partnership between 3DCeram Sinto and Creatz3D facilitated the installation of 3DCeram Sinto’s Ceramaker 900 Ceramic 3D printer at Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre, in Singapore, and pooled together both companies’ years of additive manufacturing expertise. Formed in 2017 as a subdivision of its parent company, Creatz3D, Creatz3D Ceramics Service Bureau is dedicated to the 3D printing of ceramics parts. Creatz3D […]

Best Component Award at Ceramitech: a double reward for 3DCERAM-SINTO!

3DCERAM received an honorary award for their services in the Technical ceramics field through the optimization of printed parts during the Technical Ceramics day at Ceramitech the 12th of April.This services incorporates the companies expertise and experience in the domain of technical ceramics, 3D printing and aeronautical expertise to provide a choice of options and tools to produce innovative products, notably shaping optimization in general but also methods of calculating […]

3DCeram-Sinto signs a partnership with the German experts DORST Technologies to increase its offer around additive manufacturing.

Limoges, April 3, 2018 – On the occasion of Ceramitec, which will be held from April 10th to 13th in Munich, 3DCeram-Sinto (www.3dceram), the number one in the field of 3D ceramic printing that unites a group of expertise in the field of materials and processes for 3D printing of ceramic objects, announces its partnership with a major player in technical ceramics, the German experts DORST Technologies. This Franco-German alliance […]

AEROSPACE : 3DCERAM, The leading 3D ceramic printing company installs their first CERAMAKER ® 900 in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian engineering firm ZMDB “Progress” named after Academician O.H.Ivchenko has choosen the technology provided by 3DCERAM, the pioneer and world leader in 3D ceramic printing for the manufacturing of their foundry cores.3Dceram continues the sales of its CERAMAKER ® 900 printers across the world. As part of its strategy to develop and conquer new markets, the French based team has been selected to install the first 3D printer CERAMAKER® […]

3DCERAM deploys their Hybrid printer the CERAMAKER® 900H at L’IREC

Limoges, France, the 15th of January 2018.As part of the European CELL3DITOR project which started last year and to produce high temperature generators for solid oxide fuel cell stacks, the institute of Energy and research of Catalogne (IREC) chose the 3D ceramic printer CERAMAKER® 900H, developed and manufactured in France by 3DCeram. Installed since the end of December, the machine produces on demand ceramic parts, from simple to complex geometrics. […]

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