Investment Casting, United 3D-Cores (U3DC) is A New Partner

At 3DCeram, we consider collaboration is a key to success when it comes to develop new processes, new skills like investment casting and new products. Keeping that in mind, we launched a new partnership with Avignon Ceramic, a company specialized in design and manufacture of ceramic for Investment Casting industry. This partnership is called U3DC (United 3D Cores). 3DCeram knowledge in additive manufacturing with its range of printers and formulations […]

Dongguan University of Technology and Ceramic Additive Manufacturing

The 3D Printing and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center of Dongguan University of Technology (DUT) is a scientific research and achievement transformation institution specializing in "3D printing, intelligent manufacturing and its application" led by Lu Bingheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. In 2019, the institute cooperated with France's 3DCERAM to launch research in the fields of personalized medical devices, technical ceramic additive manufacturing and so on. Researchers operate 3DCeram's C900 […]

A new story with a spanish reseller being written 🔴🔵

At 3DCeram, we think it's very important to share our expertise and to create new partnership, with that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Sicnova, a spanish reseller based in Andalusia (spain) ! Sicnova is already implanted in the 3D printing field (more particularly in metal and polymer 3D printing), so if you are interested by 3D printing of technical ceramics and if you are […]

3DCeram Sinto in 2021, review of the year.

"3DCERAM Sinto, founded in 2001 by Christophe Chaput and Richard Gaignon, is a process provider (machine, mix and services) in three areas of application for ceramic Additive Manufacturing (AM): industry (e.g. defense, automotive, investment casting/foundry cores), aerospace and aeronautics (e.g. mirrors), and biomedical (e.g. eye implants, cranial implants, etc.). Since end of 2017, the Japanese company Sinto is the main shareholder and then 3DCERAM took a new dimension and increased […]

Medical and 3D printing in ceramics, a new story that is being written…

The medical sector has always been interested in cutting-edge technologies, which is why 3DCeram has been working with biomedical players since 2005. For more than 15 years 3D printing has continued its development to offer today a level of maturity that can now meet the requirements of the biomedical field. Additive manufacturing for ceramic is ready to integrate the supply chain of the medical field. 3DCeram has developed its mastery […]

3dpbm and 3DCeram discussing about Additive Manufacturing for ceramic !

A (virtual) chat between 3dpbm’s Davide Sher and 3DCeram founder Richard Gaignon Despite the challenges that 2020 threw in its (and everyone’s) way, ceramic 3D printing pioneer 3DCeram Sinto has persevered and has started 2021 on a high. The company has adapted remarkably well to the changing dynamics of the industry—and business in general—and through it all has remained focused on its key goal: to drive the adoption and industrialization of ceramic […]

RICHARD GAIGNON on France Bleu , talks about the ambitions of 3DCeram which moves into its new premises but also about the 3D printing of technical ceramics, to listen...

Built-It, a versatile tool to prepare the files for 3D Printing

It is an integrated plug-in, developed by 3DCeram, to edit your STL file and make the CAD file preparation much easier. Built-It is an integrated tool in option Let’s review the time-saving functions… Build-It is user-friendly plug-in for you to keep focused on the final part design and save time on the requirements of the printing process. It is an intuitive interface which allows any operator to set the design […]

Aerospace, a collaboration between Anywaves and 3DCeram

Anywaves has designed an innovative concept of ceramic antenna for space application. In this context 3DCeram proposes the 3D-AIM service to help anywaves to consider all the process opportunities. The press reports :

Additive Manufacturing is Innovative by Nature

3DCeram Sinto is a French-tech based in Limoges with 15 years of experience in 3D printing of complex ceramic parts with a broad spectrum of products and services and its ownproduct line of 3D printers. Interceram spoke to Nicolas Rousselet, Aerospace BusinessManager, and Kareen Malsallez, Marketing Manager, about a new service tailored to the needs of customers in the aerospace industry. Read the article

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