WEBINAR - The Bioceramic Revolution ft Grégory Nolens

Dec 14, 23

We were thrilled to host a live webinar in collaboration with Grégory Nolens, the CSO and founder of Cerhum. The focus of the webinar was on "The Bioceramic Revolution: 3D Printing from Blueprint to Bedside."

3DCeram was pioneer in crafting cranial implants. Back in 2005, we specialized in printing and selling biomedical parts, specifically cranial implants made from hydroxyapatite—a ceramic with a chemical composition remarkably similar to bones. The biocompatibility of biomaterials is a very important aspect in the process as it makes integration into the body much smoother compared to other materials used in the past thanks to the porous structure which also enables .


Company based in Belgium, expert in bone generation.

MyBone Solution: Case Presentation

To show the progress in medical technology using 3D printing, Dr. Nolens shared several patients cases, notably highlighting the transformative experience of a patient named Karine. Faced with the life-altering challenge of nasal cancer, Karine underwent a groundbreaking procedure facilitated by MyBone from Cerhum. Through the marvel of 3D printing, they not only reconstructed her nose but also instigated a life-changing transformation. This procedure stands as a testament to the remarkable power of medical advancements to profoundly improve and redefine the course of one's life.

Download the Webinar Replay

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