CUMI: Testimonial of Positive Outcomes with 3DCeram's SLA printers

Jan 09, 24

'We are confident that by incorporating the 3D printing technology into our production process, we would be able to cater into more markets for Technical Ceramics'.

These are the words from Prathap Kumar - Business Head of the Industrial Ceramics Division at Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI) while talking about 3DCeram in his testimonial letter.

In 2023, we announced our collaboration with Carborundum Universal Limited - also known as CUMI -  one of the leading manufacturer of abrasives, industrial ceramics, refractories and electrominerals for industries such as Power Generation & Distribution, Semiconductors & Electronics, Mining & Mineral Processing, Steel, Cement, automotive, and general engineering.

CUMI is renowned worldwide for its high-quality material solutions and world-class services, particularly in the field of ceramics and various other domains.

SLA for complex parts

In a recent testimonal letter, Prathap Kumar sheds light on the transformative journey of integrating 3D printing into their technical ceramics manufacturing process, underscoring the pivotal role it played in elevating their operations. They are working on a C101 EASY FAB, the printer made to develop and prototype.

In 2023, Christophe Chaput, 3DCeram's CEO, and Maxence Bourjol, 3DCeram's Sales Manager, conducted a thorough assessment to ensure the successful installation of their printer. This collaboration is a source of great pride for us, and we sincerely appreciate the trust they have placed in 3DCeram by selecting our cutting-edge machine.

Customer satisfaction: our top priority

As a process provider, we are commited to delivering the best service and support to our customers. At 3DCeram, we offer personalized maintenance for each printer in our range, along with 3D printing training to help you master the process on Ceramaker machines and ensure project success. Additionally, we provide tools for in-house 3D printing of ceramic parts in your projects.

3DCeram printer range

As we reflect on our collaboration, their satisfaction is a source of pride for us. Beyond just celebrating the successful installation of our SLA printers at CUMI, we appreciate the enduring support and relationship that continues to grow.

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