From Lab to Fab: Revolutionizing Technical Ceramic 3D Printing

Jun 27, 24

At 3DCeram, we stand as the pioneers in offering a comprehensive solution tailored to meet industrial demands. Our unique approach is built around three core pillars:

  • Tailored Machine Offerings
  • Scalable Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence for Optimized Production

As a leading manufacturer of 3D printers for technical ceramics, our mission is to support industrial players, technical ceramic manufacturers, and service bureaus looking to integrate 3D printing into their production lines.

We have meticulously developed a range of machines to cater to diverse needs. Starting with our smallest printer, the C101, available in both LAB and FAB models. The C101 LAB is perfect for development and prototyping, while the C101 FAB is designed for small series production of small parts.For industries seeking higher volumes, 3DCeram introduced the C1000 FLEXMATIC three years ago.

This semi-automatic machine, with a build platform of 320x320x200mm, is ideal for larger production volumes. Its integrated recycling station ensures cost-effectiveness by allowing the reuse of all non-polymerized ceramic material, making it a viable solution for large-scale manufacturing.

While numerous 3D printing technologies exist, not all are suited for industrial applications, primarily due to limited automation capabilities. Stereolithography, however, offers extensive automation potential, opening new horizons for industrial scalability.

To further advance the industrialization process, we leverage over 20 years of expertise in technical ceramic 3D printing with our cutting-edge artificial intelligence, CERIA. This AI-driven system significantly reduces iteration issues inherent in process industrialization, offering time savings and cost reductions through optimized material consumption.

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology ensures that we remain at the forefront of industrial solutions. By combining innovative machine design, scalable technology, and advanced AI, 3DCeram provides a robust framework for industrial players to seamlessly integrate 3D printing into their production processes.

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