Implants and bone substitutes

3DCeram leverages FCP, an innovative technology to manufacture made-to-measure or small series of bone substitutes (intervertebral cages and tibial osteotomy wedges) and cranial or jawbone implants....

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Watches, jewelry and luxury items

3DCeram proposes CERAMPILOT, a service that combines the advantages of ceramics and the benefits of rapid prototyping. By doing away with the need to create a mold, the process can be used to produce just about any shape...

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Industry and electronics

3DCeram is the privileged partner of major industrial groups, world-famous players of chemistry, telecommunications, electronics and aerospace industries...

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Advanced Ceramics 3D printing

3DCeram brings together a combination of expert skills that is unparalleled in the fields of materials and processes dedicated to the rapid forming of complex-architecture ceramic objects.

The company capitalizes on the many possibilities offered by laser stereolithography applied to ceramics (3D Printing), a proprietary technology. 3DCeram developed a full range of services to support you in your technologically challenging projects: support to define specifications (expression of needs), advise in selection of the type of ceramic, industrial short series production and 3D printer with it’s associated services.

Focus on Ceramic Additive Manufacturing

Based on the laser stereolithography, the ceramic 3D printing technology is used for rapid production (FCP on demand production services and CERAMAKER 3D printers). It enables layer-by-layer processing to produce ceramic components. The UV laser beam polymerizes the paste made of photosensitive resin and ceramic. The resin is removed by heat treatment and ceramic is densified to 100%. This process doesn’t break the digital chain. The produced components have the same properties as those obtained by pressing or injection.