Best Component Award at Ceramitech: a double reward for 3DCERAM-SINTO!

Apr 20, 18

3DCERAM received an honorary award for their services in the Technical ceramics field through the optimization of printed parts during the Technical Ceramics day at Ceramitech the 12th of April.
This services incorporates the companies expertise and experience in the domain of technical ceramics, 3D printing and aeronautical expertise to provide a choice of options and tools to produce innovative products, notably shaping optimization in general but also methods of calculating mechanical and thermic structures present in the parts.
This is a double reward for the company, as it was produced in house by the 3DCERAM-SINTO production team on behalf of Ceramic Application, the magazine who organize the competition. Produced in Alumina with optimized lightened structure, it highlights the many possibilities offered by printing on the CERAMAKER 900®

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