Mass customization, move toward with additive manufacturing

Aug 17, 21

3D Ceram has been working for over 15 years to develop 3D printing of technical ceramics with stereolithography shortened in SLA to meet mass customization for industrial needs. The advantages of 3D printing for ceramic materials are equivalent to those for metal or polymers.

Namely building parts with optimized design for more efficient applications, as it has been a hundred time demonstrated in aeronautics field, where a printed part allows more compact assemblies with a more optimal integration with the end goal of a significant reduction of the total mass.

Mass customization for whom?

For many other industries, the benefits will be different and that makes 3D printing so interesting, as it is such a versatile technology.

3D printing for technical ceramics opens new insights of applications thanks to the design optimization which brings disruptive methods to remove limitations intrinsic to the traditional production tools (machining and so on).

At 3DCeram, we have a serious background in additive manufacturing and this allows us to be aware of all types of demands from various customers.

From this past, we have learned lessons and built up our knowledge to work on the maturation of the technology to answer industrial needs: a so-called mass production method which should be also flexible, otherwise known as customization.

That’s why, we have developed the C3600 ULTIMATE, our industrial printer to answer industrialization requirements in 3D printing technical ceramics. Thanks to its build platform of 600x600x300 mm, it is possible to print big parts or produce a large series of small identical or varied parts.

Before to reach the industrial scale, to achieve your development step is dramatically crucial. And this is one of the reasons for the C100 EASY FAB to exist and to work in pair with the C3600 ULTIMATE.

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