3DMIX offers technical ceramics adapted to 3D printing on Ceramaker range of machines.

A catalogue of Oxide and Non-Oxide ceramics with high performance qualities, meeting the needs of the most demanding industrial applications.

3DCeram develops new ceramic formulations on demand, leveraging several years of R&D in the field of 3D printing for ceramics

Our Services
We support our customers with services of maintenance in offers adapted to each printer of our range.
We offer trainings for 3D printing to accompany you in mastering the 3D printing process on Ceramaker machines to lead your projects to success.


3DCeram provides tools to integrate 3D printing solutions into you projects for manufacting in-house ceramic parts.
Our catalogue is available !

2022 has enabled us to pursue our developments to serve the project of making 3D printing of ceramics a production tool like any other. To this end, the C1000 FLEXMATIC was launched on the market - a 300*300*200 mm plate, this new machine operates in a semi-automatic line. We have also launched the C101 EASY LAB and C101 EASY FAB, which offer great accessibility and many other advantages for development […]

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CUMI: Testimonial of Positive Outcomes with 3DCeram's SLA printers

'We are confident that by incorporating the 3D printing technology into our production process, we would be able to cater into more markets for Technical Ceramics'. These are the words from Prathap Kumar - Business Head of the Industrial Ceramics Division at Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI) while talking about 3DCeram in his testimonial letter. In 2023, we announced our collaboration with Carborundum Universal Limited - also known as CUMI - […]

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WEBINAR - The Bioceramic Revolution ft Grégory Nolens

We were thrilled to host a live webinar in collaboration with Grégory Nolens, the CSO and founder of Cerhum. The focus of the webinar was on "The Bioceramic Revolution: 3D Printing from Blueprint to Bedside." 3DCeram was pioneer in crafting cranial implants. Back in 2005, we specialized in printing and selling biomedical parts, specifically cranial implants made from hydroxyapatite—a ceramic with a chemical composition remarkably similar to bones. The biocompatibility […]

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