3D-AIM is customized support for aerospace companies that are willing to switch to additive manufacturing for their future projects.
We help the company to develop the ceramic application from scratch to the part production.

We start by working with the customer to define specifications such as technical specifications, mechanical preferences, economic specifications and so on.
It’s a flexible approach which can be adapted to different project phases. The project can start from from a blank page to end in the production of parts, or can only target modifications to existing ceramic parts.

Overall, 3D-AIM is a global approach to manage the design and the production phases and then the technology transfer to the customer.
Our approach at 3D-AIM consists in 3 steps :
      • The analysis of feasibility with the customer’s requirements.
      • The definition of a risk analysis and a de-risking plan.
      • The risk mitigation of the application in our 3DPrinting process
Phone : +33 (0)5 55 04 10 90
Email : info@3dceram.com
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