3DCERAM deploys their Hybrid printer the CERAMAKER® 900H at L’IREC

Jan 24, 18

Limoges, France, the 15th of January 2018.
As part of the European CELL3DITOR project which started last year and to produce high temperature generators for solid oxide fuel cell stacks, the institute of Energy and research of Catalogne (IREC) chose the 3D ceramic printer CERAMAKER® 900H, developed and manufactured in France by 3DCeram. Installed since the end of December, the machine produces on demand ceramic parts, from simple to complex geometrics.

The Institute of Energy research of Catalogna is a research organization under the direction of different private and governmental departments, notably the department of the economy, industrial and science and innovation. The IREC was created to develop a sustainable ecosystem for energy consumption, while assuring the economic competitivity and providing the maximum amount of electricity needed by the population. This contribution is part of a scientific development which targets the long-term transfer of technology while immediately providing innovative solutions.

The group Nanoionics and Fuel Cells of the IREC coordinate the European project Cell3Ditor, placed an emphasis on the development of 3D printing technology for the production of high temperature energy generators such as solid oxide fuel cell stacks.
For the IREC team, using the CERAMAKER® 900H is a real breakthrough in technology for this sector. Functional ceramics are crucial for the future of the energy sector. The CERAMAKER® 900H printer was developed to produce parts from small scale to industrial production, by decreasing the limitations present today in the standard industrial process and the lack of flexibility in large scale industrial production.

The new industrial hybrid and multi material CERAMAKER® 900H is the only printer on the market capable of producing parts by these diverse specifications and the needs of the end user.

Albert Tarançon, Senior Scientist of the Cell3Ditor project at L’IREC declares : “the 3D printing technology developed by 3DCERAM via their Hybrid machine the CERMAMKER 900H will revolutionize the production of ceramics and develop the 3D printing of multi-materials and eventually complete devices”
“The 3D CERAMAKER 900H printer is a breakthrough technology, this hybrid multi material printer can produce complete functioning devises instead of simple structural parts” states Richard Gaignon co-president of 3D Ceram.

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