3DCeram expands its offer by offering its slurries expertise for 3D printers

Feb 12, 14

Limoges. 12 February 2014. For more than ten years now, 3DCeram has been developing a unique expertise in the field of 3D printing production dedicated to ceramics (Ceramic Additive Manufacturing). Today, the company shares its expertise in powder and ceramic pastes by proposing its 3Dmix offer to manufacturers of 3D printing machines: a genuine consulting service associated to formulation and sale of ready to use pastes.

In addition to its 3D ceramic printing business that faces as demanding as varied specifications, 3DCeram has never ceased to participate in the development of new 3D printers or assess the latest technologies on the market. The company has developed a range of formulations adapted to these different technologies.
Stereolithography greatly expands the advanced ceramics range of applications and allows to leverage their unique properties. The constraints that the component will be subjected determine the choice of the ceramic material needed for its manufacturing.

3DCeram therefore proposes 3DMix, an offer that comprises several types of ready to use ceramic pastes. A number of formulations are already available, all featured to allow to cover a large range of applications. For example:
– Alumina is used in many applications for technical ceramics, thanks to its good mechanical strength at high temperatures, its resistance to chemical attack and its insulating qualities,
– Zirconia has very good mechanical properties at cold, high hardness, good wear resistance and good resistance to metals attack. It is the material of choice for applications in jewelry, especially as it can be colored,
– Hydroxyapatite / TCP, or calcium apatite, is used for the manufacture of biomedical bone substitutes since its chemical composition very close to the bone.
– Cordierite has a good thermal shock resistance and good thermal conductivity, this particularly makes it suitable for the manufacture of kiln furniture, for example.

As part of the 3DMix offer, the company also proposes a consulting service to determine the type of ceramic that best matches the needs of the machine manufacturers’ customers and an on-demand formulation service that provide them with pastes that meet their 3D printing equipment specifications. Depending on the type of partnership chosen by the 3D printer manufacturers, 3DCeram is committed to make it benefits from innovations developed in the field of formulation, it ensures its customers to always have the best formulation at its disposal.

By providing access to expertise that is based on years of research, 3DCeram brings concrete solutions to 3D printing ceramic market players to optimize their production and take advantage of the extraordinary potential of these technologies.

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