3DCERAM has developed the process of producing ceramic foundry cores for turbine blades. Traditionally casting cores or foundry cores have been an essential yet complex process that involves many steps in the production process for turbine blades. The ceramic core is the sacrificial material that will is used as a negative once the alloy is melted over the core.

Up until now manufacturing cores has been a time and labor intensive process. Today, designs of foundry cores are becoming more and more complex. To make a porous ceramic foundry core, the method consists of making the core in several pieces and then assembling them manually. The possibility of an issue arising somewhere along the production process is large, mainly during the joining process hence there can be an extremely high waste ratio.
The lead time to develop new forms of cores can be very long due to the complex nature of the molds, leading to limitations in the ability to modify the cores during the development phase on new component designs
United 3D-Cores (U3DC)

A new Partnership is born in 3D printing ceramics for Investment casting between:
3DCERAM Sinto, a turnkey provider of solutions for the additive manufacturing of ceramics, with over 15 years’ experience in 3d printing and machine sales using Stereolithography
Avignon Ceramic, supplier for over 30 years of investment casting for the largest aviation engine manufacturers as well as the world’s leading precision foundries,
join forces to create U3DC, with the aim to provide the precision foundry industry with proven solutions in both the production of 3D printed ceramic cores and to offer a complete printing solution (machine, materials and process).
Launching U3DC, is the answer to the expectations of the player of the precision foundry, founders and cores’ manufacturers, of a partner able to propose a turnkey solution.
This new service proposed by U3DC ranges from the definition of raw materials, depending on the alloy chosen and the casting mode, to the realization of test cores to validate the process at the foundry.
3DCeram-Sinto and Avignon Ceramic, with their respective experience and expertise, will support customers wishing to integrate 3D into the various stages of the process, as well as carry out tests to integrate this new printing technology.
United 3D-Cores (U3DC).

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