Study case

Study Cases

Aerospace, a collaboration between Anywaves and 3DCeram

Anywaves has designed an innovative concept of ceramic antenna for space application. In this context 3DCeram proposes the 3D-AIM service to help anywaves to consider all the process opportunities.


The next challenge of the additive manufacturing is multi-material printing. Indeed, the technology is more innovative, but some companies are looking for a solution to print some materials together.

Foundry cores

3DCeram has developed a ceramic formulation used on Ceramaker 900 FLEX printer to 3D print investment casting cores for a real industrial casting of blades tests using single crystal casting (SX casting).

Skull implant

Here, the opportunity to explore our Cranial Implants study case, unveiling over 15 years of expertise in biomedical 3D printing ceramics. From material selection to personalized designs and implant sterilization, uncover every facet of our process. Witness how we're reshaping reconstructive surgery and pushing the boundaries of bone remodeling.
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